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Claws of Furry

Punch and claw your way through sixteen levels of pure mayhem, while honing your Ninja Cat skills, in order to rescue your Master from the evil claws of an unknown enemy. Claws of Furry creates a blend of the newly reinvented Roguelike elements with classic arcade Beat'em up action. With a leveling system of over 40 skills it's up to the player on how he builds his Ninja Cat. Fear not the roguelike though; the character progress is not lost, since the skills that are unlocked transfer to each new character, making the player's cat stronger in every playthrough. But skills are not enough, fast reflexes and a keen eye are required in order to survive the journey to free your Master. You don't have to take this journey alone though; you can have a group of up to four people in local co-op!

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About Us